Bleached Mulberry Bark


Mulberry bark is the bark of the paper mulberry tree, which is common in Laos and Thailand. The bark is a thin fabric-like flexible material with all the grain and texture of tree bark. Pieces vary in thickness and density, and often have large holes where the fibres have separated. These holes are wonderful when used in creative embroidery as a coloured material can be layered up with the bark to show through the holes. Holes can be created by stretching the bark across the direction of the grain so that it splits and holes form.
In addition the bark can be soaked in water, molded into three dimensional shapes, and allowed to dry. Other liquids such as PVA can be used instead of water to create rigid structures, so the bark has much potential for use in general craft.

The bleached bark is available in a number of approximate sizes (selected from the drop down box), but we can discuss any special requirements you may have if you contact us

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