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his book is a colorful celebration
of the variety and vitality of the
Fiber arts today
It was only about a decade and a half
ago that the term “fiber arts” was
coined to encompass the myriad of
traditional techniques that were
being discovered by an entire
generation. Weaving, quilting
needlework, dyeing, knitting,
feltmaking and papermaking were
explored for new, exciting and
decidedly non traditional creative
The fiber arts of the 1980s have
evolved from the undisciplined, free
form crafts boom of the 1960s.
Today we see a sophisticated,
articulate, worldwide phenomenon
involving dedicated novices working
at home in their spare time as well as
full-time professional studio artists
who mount major museum
hether fiber artists are working
on representational tapestries
in Poland, experimental needlework
in Canada, wind sculptures in New
Zealand, traditional quilts in the
United States….
ISBN 0937274380
Please note that this book is second hand and does show sign of use.

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