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On Paper New Paper Art
Paper is one of the most versatile of all media. We can all relate to the
simple pleasure of crumpling paper in the palm of the hand, if only to toss it
into the waste-paper basket. Whether folded, cut or moulded as pulp, its rôle
need not be restricted to that of support for other media. However, until the
mid-twentieth century such techniques as papier mâché and origami were
accorded the status of little more than curiosities, certainly not to be
regarded as vehicles for serious creative endeavour. Attitudes changed after
artists of the standing of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque began to explore
the nature of paper, taking it from the flatness of collage towards the three
dimensionality of sculpture. Over the last fifty years a growing number of
practitioners from disciplines as diverse as textiles, ceramics, sculpture
painting and design have used paper as their principal material.
The range of objects that can be constructed from paper is impressive, from
clothes to furniture and even buildings. Artists working with paper have
produced disposable paper outfits, and the fashion world has started to take
note, with such designers as Issey Miyake and Paul Smith producing
garments made of machine washable paper. But even the most familiar of
paper objects can be given a new twist by artists working with the medium
today: one of the most popular of new paper genres is the artist’s book, in
which text is secondary to form, and often absent altogether. The traditional
notion of origami as a skill reliant on a single piece of paper and folding
alone is also being redefined, by work that incorporates cutting and often
uses many sheets. Other works, from Paul Jackson’s single-crease forms to
Martin Creed’s sheet of paper crumpled into a ball, exploit the ease with
which paper can be transformed by a single action.
On Paper explores the development and recognition of paper as a medium of
expression, combining personal recollection by origami artist Paul Jackson
with historical overview, and is comprehensively illustrated with whole
range of the different creative uses to which paper has been put all over the
world Statements by the artists featured from Japanese origami master
Akira Yoshizawa to those such as Jacki Parry who have fostered the paper art
renaissance, illuminate their work With an international resources list for
paper-making and paper art. On Paper is truly essential reading for all those
interested in the state of the art today.
ISBN 1-85894-145-8
Please note that this book is second hand and does show sign of use.

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