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Our new Knitted selection is comprised of 5 different knitted rayon yarns all dyed together as one skein, in our range of 51 colours.

Viscose Ribbon (VR)
This is our well known tubular ribbon which can be stuffed with a heavy yarn to produce a round cord for many uses in creative embroidery. It can be gathered by pushing the ribbon together on the inserted core. This gives wonderful texture and colour effects.
This ribbon is often used for necklaces, bag handles, and for edging embroideries.

Viscose Ribbon gold (VRG)
This ribbon is similar to our normal viscose ribbon, but it has a gold Lurex thread incorporated in the knitting to give sparkle, but which does not alter the multi-colour dyeing appearance. It is slightly thinner than Viscose Ribbon.

Viscose Ribbon Copper (VRC).
This is similar to VRG, but has a copper thread included in the knitting.

Thick viscose Chainette (TVC)
This is a pure knitted thick textured viscose yarn with a nice shine, which goes well with the other yarns.

Viscose Chainette.
This is a thinner version of TVC, and looks more like a very thin viscose ribbon.

All these yarns are great for canvas work as can be seen from the image.

Length : 5m of each thread type : total 25m.